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1Hz-10MHz DDS Signal Generator

Status: Proposal
March 16, 2015
Submitted by: Gerasimos Theodorou (

Lovely Elektor. I think I have a project for publication. It is a 1Hz - 10MHz DDS Signal Generator. This instrument is based on AD9833 DDS Chip and ADUC7024 ARM7 microcontroller from Analog Devices. All the chips who have been used(many op amps), are from Analog Devices. I have finished this signal generator three years before. I started making this generator because I needed a signal generator for my bench. Finally after thousands of hours I have been finished this generator. Now I have a ready to use, stable, tested instrument whom I want to give to your magazine. I am sending you a photos and I could send you a demonstration video. If you are interesting to post my project I will send you the schematics and the code of my project. Also I could send to your laboratories a ready to use signal generator to test it. But you must promise me that you will return it to me after the publication of my project. I dont want to post my project to Elektor Labs Site, if it is possible, but directly to your magazine. This is because I dont have much free time now. WAVEFORMS Standard waveforms of Sine, Square, Triangle and DC. Sine Range 1Hz to 10MHz. Resolution: 1Hz. Accuracy: 25 ppm(75MHz time base). Output Level: 10mv to 15Vp-p into 50Ω. Harmonic Distortion: <-35dBc to MHz. DC Offset: ±10V. Square Range: 1Hz to 10MHz. Resolution: 1Hz. Symmetry control: 5% to 95%, 1Hz to 1MHz. Output Level: 10mv to 15Vp-p into 50Ω. Rise to Fall Times: <30nsec (5 turns potentiometer), <90nsec (10 turns ). DC Offset: ±10V. Triangle Range: 1Hz to 10MHz. Resolution: 1Hz. Output Level : 10mv to 15Vp-p into 50Ω. DC Offset: ±10V. Sweep Carrier Waveforms: All. Sweep Mode: Linear and Logarithmic. General Display: LCD 132x132, 12bit colors. Size: 52X160X160mm. Athens Theodorou Gerasimos Firmware and Hardware Engineer.
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