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Jaime G.-Arintero

1x Project in March = 1x LPC800 Mini-Kit

Status: Finished
March 11, 2014


LET'S MAKE! (a deal)

During March 2014, all members posting projects in Elektor.LABS will receive an LPC800 Mini-Kit for free.
Simply log-in first, and then create a project or enter a proposal, and the Elektor.LABS team will contact you at the end of the month. Easy ;)
This awesome board will be delivered to your mailbox completely for free!


About the LPC800 Mini-Kit

The NXP LPC800 Mini-Kit comes with an LPC810 microcontroller unit (MCU) in an 8-pin DIP package. The LPC810 MCU features 4 KB of flash memory, 1 KB of SRAM and peripherals like two USARTs, an I²C port, an analog comparator, timers and much more.
The LPC800 Mini-Kit is a small break-out board sporting – besides of course the LPC810 – a 3.3 V power supply, two prototyping areas, one user LED, two push-buttons, an Serial Wire Debug (SWD) connector and a serial port that doubles as an In-System Programming (ISP) port. The Mini-Kit is powered from 5 V through its on-board mini USB connector.
The board can be programmed and debugged with any SWD compatible programmer/debugger (like NXP’s LPC-Link) directly from within NXP's free LPCXpresso IDE. An ISP port to program the MCU is available for those who do not possess an SWD pod. All you need is a serial port and the free tool Flash Magic. The ISP connector is compatible with the well-known 3V3 serial-to-USB cable from FTDI.
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LPC800 Mini-Kit

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