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Animal friendly mousetrap with email notification

Status: Proposal
August 29, 2014
Having a mouse in the house and not being able to catch it, really makes me nervous.., having a kid playing around in the same space as the mouse gives me the creeps.. Most of all, I am tired of checking the ( 10, yes 10!) mousetraps every morning, only to find out that the mouse out smarted me...again..... So....A got some advice from friends and most of them agreed that a mouse trap that keeps the mouse alive is not only friendly but also very effective because unlike the killer trap, there is no smell left behind for any mouse who will share a same faith as this one...( A dead mouse leaves a smell behind on the trap that the next mouse wil smell so the next mouse will not take the cheese).. so all is left is a replacement for cheese--> Peanut butter is best and you can keep is for days, and offcourse a modernized mouse lets equip one with a camera and email notification... :-) For this we will use a uc with internet access and a ip controlled webcam.....o yeh..we also need pushing service lets start building
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Mouse Trap email camera
We got Mr. Jim

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