Learn, play, use and display! This Arduino kit need not stay in a lab or a drawer.

Armadino is more than a Arduino Electronics Kit. By attaching appropriate accessories to the expansion pins, it may be turned into a LED clock, a TV game console, an experiment kit or just about any creative project to control or sense. Beyond a learn-n-play kit, it is useful, novel and good looking enough to be displayed.

It is not over-the-top and despite its brutal simplicity, has a colour LED matrix, a score board, 6-button keypad and exposed I2C and IO pins that make it both fun and versatile. It is DIY-friendly - all thru-hole components - and beautifully laid out where all the vias are hidden behind components.

Armadino is also suitable for STEM education - from junior introduction to digital making to a college or graduate course in programming, embedded systems and micro-controller.

The Armadino is programmable as an Arduino UNO, with library functions for LED matrix, 7-segment LED, buttons, sound and TVout, and example projects including a clock, handheld game (Snake, Pong, Space Invaders) and TVout games (Tetris, Breakout, Space Invaders again!)

Visit https://www.instagram.com/armadino.clock/ for photos and short video clips of the clock, handheld and TVout games.