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Battery Charger Next Generation: request for comments

Status: Proposal
October 26, 2017
Since battery chargers have always been a popular subject among our readers and followers, we were having a discussion in our lab about the kind of battery charger we should design now.

"Should we make a charger for lead-acid batteries?", asked one designer.
"No, no, no!", said another, "that is so old skool, let's make a charger for 20 NiMH cells."
"Nah", said a third, "let's make a charger for 3S or 4S LiPo's!"
Then a fourth designer entered the discussion and it went on and on and on!
  • Lead acid?
  • NiCad?
  • NiMH?
  • LiPo?
  • Other?
  • Packs or separate cells?
  • Monitoring or not?
  • Balancing or not?

So, to end the discussion, it is now up to you to enter the discussion and come up with a decisive answer...

What do you want?
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