BLE based Ski and Snowboard performance evaluation gadget. Visualize Ski and snowboard edge angles in real-time and also understand pressure distribution to better improve skiing and snowboarding performance

This project documents the development of a Ski/Snowboard performance evaluation system using the STM32WB5MM Discovery Kit. The STM32WB5MM Discovery kit has the perfect mix of peripherals to support all the use cases of the Ski/Snowboard performance system.

A user trying to improve their Ski/Snowboard technique would be interested in knowing two key metrics

  1. Edge Angle: What edge angles they are able to achieve while skiing/snowboarding. With higher edge angles user can achieve better turns and can carve more effectively with modern Ski’s and Snowboards. Being able to visualize the edge angles in real-time would allow the user to better monitor their performance during a run and also identify areas of improvements
  2.  Pressure Distribution: What does the pressure distribution look like over the entire feet while skiing/snowboarding.  Visualizing pressure distribution across the soles of the feet will allow users to make improvements in their ski performance. Eg: If the user is sitting back on their ski’s it will be harder to edge more. Seeing the pressure distribution will help user correct such behavior and thus improve their performance

The Project uses the following peripherals on the STM32 DK

  1. Accelerometer and Gyroscope to detect dynamic tilt angle
  2. BLE to transmit the data to the users mobile phone
  3. Pressure sensor insole for rendering a pressure heatmap Zip Files to build package

BleCarv.zip - STM32 firmware for the STM32WB5MM Development board
BleConnectSkiPro.zip - Android App to visualize the edge angle and pressure data
https://youtu.be/SUEm8CGzbw8 - Short video recapping the development process