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Boite à musique / Music Box

Status: Proposal
March 2, 2015

Music box électronic circuit that imitates a mechanical music box with a rotating cylinder and tuned teeth (or lamellae, thank you Wikipedia ;-)

Original description 
Electronic Music Box imitates MB suisse mecanisme . Microcontroleur 18F2520 4 transistors 1 chip LM386 ampli BF 1 HP. No cms. pcb single cupper face. Powered by a 9volts battery.

Features capacity :

7 songs preregistered 15 minutes of music. An eighth song skeleton for your experimentation.You can delete any song and replace by your music. See example in 'Total description'. Shade creccendo decreccendo. Tempo accelerendo deccelerendo can be modified at all step. resonent pedal (simplified). possibility of resumption to save memory space.   See more details in "Total description.pdf" en français. Read in english.

 01-06-2015---REVISION 2 :  A light modification to improve sound quality.

Scheme Pcb Compnents liste Description are modified.

Added an MP3 file extracts of the music given by this music box. (The recording introduce a background noise that does not exist at the output of the Music box.)

see :


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