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Cable integrity analyzer

Status: Proposal
December 7, 2012
To measure cable integrity without interfering with main purpose of an installed cable.

The basic idea is to build a device that will monitor the decay in conductance caused by environmental effects. For example: if an instrument cable transmitting a 4-20 mA signal or 1-5V signal is "nicked" and the insulation integrity is compromised, the cable's ability to conduct will slowly start to deteriorate as oxidation takes place. The internal resistance/impedance will increase and in time won’t be able to transmit as effectively.

If this "decay" could be monitored, planned cable replacements can be scheduled before a cable fails. This will ensure accurate instrument measurements and more up time on the production line.

I work in a marine mining environment and get a lot to do with failed cables. Cables get damaged very easily and mostly only noticed when already failed. The time taken to fault find, pull in a new cable and test can reduced by a device like this.

This is still only a concept and ideas are welcome. Criticism good and bad is also welcomed.
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