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Status: Proposal
November 9, 2019 , Latest update: November 14, 2019
One day, when I unplugged my phone from the charger, I wondered what else the charger could do the whole day?

Why not powering a clock?
But it should be something unusual.

So, when this 24mm diameter plastic tubes, closed with a cork came into my way, I decided to use it as a housing for the clock.

This is some other kind of TUBE-clock.

The prototype was build onto a piece of veroboard. It used one of the china fake DS1302 clock modules with battery backup, a ATmega328P microcontroller and some 7-segment LED displays found in my pile of materials. The displays were perfect. They filled the available space in the tube.

The time setting is done by two buttons that are placed in a way, that they can be opperated by twisting the cork. Therefore a slit is made into the cork, so that the cork can reach over the pcb and buttons.

Additionally, I built a simple stand out of a piece of scrap wood.
After the prototype was working good, I decided to create a proper and clean pcb, also as a KiCad practice. I also used a better and genuine clock chip, the PCF8563.
While not connected to the charger, the clock is kept running by a coin cell battery back-up.

The software was made with Atmel-Studio. It is pure and doesn't use Arduino stuff.

  • unusual design
  • powered by a otherwise workless phone charger
  • operated by twisting the cork on the tube
  • using only two push-buttons
  • different levels of brightness can be set
  • programmable automatic time correction (compensate crystal offset)
  • battery back-up

More info to follow...
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This is the assembled prototype with its stand made of scrap wood.
Front of the prototype with low-profile 17mm LED displays.
Spider web with cheapy chinese clock module and ATmega328P.
Hand crafted prototype stand made of scrap wood (and fire)
The used tube. 24mm diameter, 75mm length.
So it is used...
The second version with proper pcb and genuine clock chip.
The parts, with backside
Parts, with front
The way it is connected...
Connected to my phone charger
A closeup of the back of the board
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