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command for step motor to be placed on X axis of a lathe

Status: Proposal
August 4, 2014
I have a little lathe with automatic motion of Z axis (with gearbox and several toothed wheels to be combinated for threading, to give variable speeds of "mother screw" in relation with speed of spindle), bud with only manual command of his X axis. I want to place a step motor on the X axis and create a circuitry for proportionnal driving of this X axis relatively to the motion of the Z axis. The proportional ratio (relation between the X axis speed and the Z axis speed - and his sign), must to be variated with precision and stay stable during operation. Exemple: to turn a piece with conical portions. This project needs also to create a very precise detector of the rotation of "mother screw" and the direction of his rotation, taking in account that this screw rotate very slowly !.
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