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CR Smell-o-Meter ( toilet Alarm indicator) alias stress indicator

Status: Proposal
August 1, 2013

Today, another day at the office....upon entering the CR area a penetrant smell of a previous user comes my way....ehhh...lets not enter shall we?..... Thanks to my collegue who visited before me.... Thants why i made this fun indicator. By pressing a switch , the level of danger can be changed. After a set time, the level will go down until finally, after being in the "green" zone, it will go to sleep mode to safe battery. Its a fun indicator to help the person that will visit the toilet after you.... every CR door should have one.


It is a finished project that i like to share. It uses a ATtiny25 AVr controller that runs with the internal osc. By pressing a switch the next level of the timer ( danger level) can be set. Every level has his own timer that will run down to zero after which the previous level is entered until there is no more level. ( 0) after 20 mins or so it will go to standy to save power.

Well, i added another front template that gives this Smeel-O-Meter a whole new purpose. Now i can also use it to indicatie the stress my boss is under....that way, when posting this tool at his door, my collegues are warned about his mood and they can decide if they continue asking that raise...or maybe wait until his mood cools down....


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