Add usefulness, flexibility and tidiness to you workbench with this 3D printed solder holder.

This project does not contain any electronic circuits but should be useful to anyone who solders regularly. This holder keeps two reels tidily on the bench top thus allowing two different gauges of solder to be always available for dispensing. There are guide holes for the solder at the front which make the ends easy to find and not cluttering the worktop area.

The holder was designed using Fusion 360 and printed out using a Creality K1 3D printer with the reel support bar being obtained from another source so that it can be slid in and out easily for the solder reel replacement. I have provided two .STL files within a zip file for anyone wanting to print their own holder. One has 9mm diameter holes which suited a piece of rigid plastic tube I had in my materials box and the other has 10mm diameter holes which suits a more common size of tube or rod often found in craft shops.