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Jaime G.-Arintero

Elektor's Attic... now this is old school!

Status: Finished
February 19, 2014

In the more than 60 years history of Elektor we must have build hundreds of projects! A lot of old hardware got lost in our move to our new offices, but a few items saved our cleaning drift. In our dusty attic we still have secured a nice collection of typical hardware and projects that defined the history of Elektor.

Click on the image to see it in high resolution!

Many of you must recognize some of the stuff here - we have the Formant, the Elektor Junior Computer, the Mondrian Plotter, the Audio Series, the Edwin amplifier, the Filmnet decoder, the Elektor Scope, a whole pile of measurement equipment... you name it.

The picture is available here in high resolution, so you can browse around and have a look yourself... only look, don’t touch!

We love stories, please post a comment, story or whatever with the project below, and we have a nice today’s piece of hardware (J2B board) for the posting/comment/story we like best.

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Sexy, huh? :)

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