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Dig Kleppe

ESP32 Wifi BBQ thermostat and thermometer

Status: Proposal
March 24, 2018 , Latest update: March 30, 2018
This toy was developed for my son Thomas who is an enthusiastic barbecue fan. He has several installations that require a constant temperature for a long time. Also the temperature of the meat must be monitored. This project is a followup of a bluetooth version I made earlier. Due to complaints of the limited range I made this wifi version. The thermostat itself works remarkably well.

The thermostat can be accessed as a station in a network and at the same time as a accespoint for operating without a network.

The temperatures are measured with NTC sensors from a cheap Ikea thermometer.
The coal fire is controlled by regulating the airflow by means of a small fan.
It is powered from a USB power-pack.
The whole project can be made from a  few cheap modules and is simple to solder on a breadboard.

The ESP32 is great for this task.
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