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FPGA Clock standalone, DCF77 or better.. wireless GPS NMEA 433Mhz or both ?

Status: Proposal
February 23, 2013

A clock design in a FPGA written mostly in VHDL. I have two designs available. Both are synthesized to a Altera MAX FPGA EPM1270T144C5, JTAG programmable, Quartus Design and simulated in Modelsim, but most of it will be portable to other FPGA's Currently there is a standalone clock in a FPGA written in VHDL blocks that can be synchronized with DCF77 and set manually. -This clock also has alarm capabilities The second clock is also written in VHDL blocks in a FPGA and is wireless set by a cheap GPS module connected to a FSK module 433Mhz and the reciever is located in the clock. This clock also contains a DS3234 High Precision RTC module so that the clock can run on its own. - NMEA 0183 $GPRMC string decoder - You can program the hours when to sync with the GPS module. - A UTC to CET converter, depends on country - a manual Summertime/Wintertime switch Both FPGA can drive and have the following capabilities: 1 x 2 lines 16 character LCD display (temperature, date, time, day (DCF77), sum/win) 6 x Nixietube drivers (non-muxed) and 6 x Numitrons (drive 3x VFD drivers) or 6 x VFD tubes (drive 3x VFD drivers) 6 x 7 segments Led common Anode (muxed) and 1 x DE-DP001 Sure Electronics (4 x 7segment LED, contains shiftregisters) 1 x IN-13 long Nixietube as seconds indicator, PWM-ed 00-59 seconds - Prevent Cathode poisening (count 0-9 on nixietubes between 06:00 an 06:10 am). - Turn nixies High Voltage off between 01:00 and 06:00 am if you want. - 24 hours format - DS18S20 temperature sensor to display room temperature in Celsius on LCD All my clock are build by hand and wired by hand. I don't have the need to create pcbs since every model and case are different, but I can help to create the schematics. other parts used Canton FSK 433Mhz RX TX modules, max 9600Baud Use 12V adapter (VFD clock 24V) LM2576-ADJ to make 5V Converter for 3,3V (Altera) 180V HV module based on MC34063 Conrad DCF77 module.. GPS Module, TTL NMEA 4800Baud UNC5820 vfd drivers or eq. 74141 nixie drivers. .. .. Since all the blocks are in VHDL it is possible to combine both chipdesigns in one bigger FPGA or go for the GPS version and add more functionallity, the DS3234 has some Alarm registers.... I think the wireless GPS solution is really cool. 

regards, Richard

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