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Guitar & guitar gear control system

Status: Proposal
February 3, 2013
main unit and fx1.JPG

As a guitarist one can collect a lot of effect pedals, FX units and amps over the years. Useful combinations can be made but require a lot of switching between effects, amp(s) and guitar pick up combinations. In practice, especially during a live performance, this is not wanted. The system as presented here makes it possible to control combinations of guitar effects, amps and pick up settings. These can be stored in a memory and recalled by pushing one button. For example, it is very easy to switch from compressed country clean with slap back delay using the neck pick up to deep flanged metal with a long delay using the bridge pick up without noticeable delay or switching noise. All electrical functionality is realized with standard logic building blocks. No microcontroller is used. This limits the system capabilities; no MIDI, relatively big PCB’s but no software development and maintenance; real old school.

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