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IoP reminder - Internet of planning. Daily task scheduler and reminder

Status: Proposal
February 1, 2018
Current day to day life is too busy and hectic. We tend to forget things to do. Especially stay home moms/dads busy with kids or domestic jobs. We have habbit of putting notes on fridge as reminder and soon notes become so many that we forget to check notes and the priority. Or we want to put reminder for washing clothes or reminder for wife/husband at home to get kids from airport...... manythings to do many things Not to forget.

This project is for those lazy people like me, who like to be reminded regularly about simple things and who like to note things at one place for prioritizing daily tasks.

ESP32 being back bone of project - will be synced with RTC and NTP time for time keeping. It will be connected to Internet and mobile GSM network. Our mobiles either send email or sms to ESP32 IoP system, that records each reminder, prioritizes according to importance, urgency. We keep track of TO DO tasks in the memory of ESP32. And reminds us back on Right time by SMS, Email or Beep or just does its job on its own like switching ON pump for watering plants or switch OFF the dryer.
That is why this project is called - IoP - Internet of Planning Reminder :)   stay tuned and subscribed to my channel for updates.

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