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KlikoMatic - Waste Reminder

Status: Proposal
February 22, 2013

This is one of those designes I would like to title as a gadget. It has a nice steal ( RVS) looks that fits perfectly in a modern kitchen. Basicly it is no more than a tool to remind one of taking out the garbage.

It's Function
In the Netherlands we have many kinds of containers for waste and every container will be emptied on a different date. Some weekly, others every 2 or 4 weeks. In the hussle of work, family life and hobbies, I tend to forget that i have to place the containers on the street so the garbage company can empty them. The device had 3 indicators for every type of container. The day before collection, the first light will remind you to take out the container. On the day that the container will be emptied, the second light will remind you that the container is infact outside....The day after it was emptied, a light will remind you to take it of the street.

So we are looking at a microcontroller with a simple program. Most likely, a real time clock to keep track of the date. and a way to program the internal calendar with the schedule for waste collection. We could include bluetooth, or wifi... maybe IR, to be able to program it or even link it to a google Agenda...

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