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Large Display for UNI-T DSO

Status: Proposal
November 14, 2013
Submitted by: Hermann Hamann (

I suppose, many readers will use a UNI-T digital storage oscilloscope of the UT2xxx series. The display is pretty small and operation is cumbersome. The supplied Windows Software is of limited appeal and Linux Users look into the tube (german idiom for seeing nothing). I have written a program which runs on Linux and Windows and permits the display of large samples (up to 10000) and control by mouse clicks. I could only test it on my UT2002CE and don't know if it will work with other devices. So I ask the community to help me evaluate the usability of this program for all possible types before general public release. The next step will be to find a single board computer which can handle the task; a PC is a bit of overkill. Contributors should be able to provide screen shots from the UNI-T software and eventually logs of the USB protocol with help of sniffer programs. A Manual of the program is available. The appended screenshot will give you an idea what the program does.
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