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MLX90393 experiments [140555]

Status: Finished
August 4, 2015 , Latest update: April 18, 2016

This is a support page for the Elektor October 2015 article about the MLX90393 Triaxis Micropower Magnetometer from Melexis.

Buy it here.

Interesting but technical article about how these sensors work.

To test your mbed setup without CherryStone you can use a serial terminal and send ASCII commands like these:

  • Exit Mode (I2C): 5,0,0,0<CR><LF>
  • Exit Mode (SPI): 5,1,0,0<CR><LF>
  • Single Measurement Mode (I2C, X & Y): 6,6,0,0<CR><LF>
  • Single Measurement Mode (SPI, X & Y): 6,6,1,0<CR><LF>
  • Read Measurement (I2C, X & Y): 7,6,0,0<CR><LF>
  • Read Measurement (SPI, X & Y): 7,6,1,0<CR><LF>

This should get you some data that you can influence with a magnet. For more commands check the mbed demo program's main.cpp (you can download the project's source code from the mbed website)

The second '6' in the last four commands is the ZYXT value where each letter is a bit field. To activate Z you would send '14' instead of '6', T only would be '1'. Get it?


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MLX90393 Evaluation Board

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