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Money counter -> Brag Board

Status: Proposal
June 26, 2014
This project is actually no more than a display to shows a number that can be changed by a remote. In the office we deal with bills and credit nota's on a daily base and it is part of the engineers tasks to check all invoices. Unfortunately there are often over billed.. So by pointing out the mistakes to the senders, we sort of save money every day... I would like to show the sum of all this mistakes to the office public by putting a big number on the wall.. Yes, I could just write it on a white board but what's the fun of that? So, as we speak, I am waiting for some parts I ordered at dx to start building a prototype. IT should be able to do: - enter a number by (IR or other) remote control to be displayed - add and subtract a number by IR Remote - Every time a number is entered, a sound should by played thru the speaker....making a money sound or whatever you like.( 1 sound only, lets keep it affordable) that's lets start building...
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Did i get your attention?
first testing.... display is working  ,next is the sound interface

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