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Musical Programmable Bell [140256]

Status: Finished
March 24, 2014
in Elektor magazine | May 2015 | Find it here

I present this musical bell for the home, which allows the user to record the melody you want to ring when someone comes to your house and ring the bell, giving a twist with respect to common bell that only has one or more melodies established, without any option to change it to any place you want. Besides the driver standing at the door is wireless and touch sensor, facilitating installation to not need cable to connect the drive to bell.

Deputy photographs and schematics of the project (wired version), however, they can download more project data such as source code in the following link:


Hope is to your liking and you can get free access to share with all amateur and professional world of electronic projects I'm designing now, besides my Facebook page can see other projects I've done. Thank you very much for your kind attention.


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