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Network Connected Signal Analyzer [150211]

Status: Finished
August 5, 2015
in Elektor magazine | March 2016 | Find it here

This project is about a single-channel signal analyzer and signal generator controlled over an Ethernet connection. The application(s) run on a PC. The board contains some signal conditioning circuitry and a dsPIC33 plus a Wiznet Wiz550io Ethernet module. It is a kind of simple Red Pitaya, not running Linux and without FPGA programming.

After building a prototype which allowed us to validate the project we decided to make it cheaper. The prototype uses a through-hole version of the dsPIC33 and the Wiznet module unfortunately has changed shape since the design of our prototype PCB. To make things cheaper we opted for an all-SMT design with the Ethernet driver on board. Since then several PCB designs have seen the light one of which will be developed further.

Update 9/11/2015

The project has been finished successfully. The digitizer works as expected and the PC software is great. The project is scheduled for publication in the March 2016 edition.


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Prototype, top view
Boxed prototype
Block diagram
PC application

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