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Night light with brightness control

Status: Proposal
March 9, 2015

I present a practical circuit to illuminate hallways or rooms overnight.

Warning: This circuit is directly connected to the line.  It is highly recomended to be careful when dealing with it.

The author is not responsable for damages caused by its missuse.

it is mandatory to use a potentiometer with plastic shaft and a plastic enclosure.

Parts list

Designator       Part Type                     Part Type                     Description

Line voltage     230VAC                     117VAC                    

C1                   0.22uF 400V               0.47uF 250V               Polyester Capacitor

C2                   47UF 25V                   47UF 25V                   Electrolitic Capacitor

D1                   1N4007                       1N4007                       Rectifier 1000V 1A

D2                   1N4007                       1N4007                       Rectifier 1000V 1A

D3                   1N4007                       1N4007                       Rectifier 1000V 1A

D4                   1N4007                       1N4007                       Rectifier 1000V 1A

D5                   1N4747A                    1N4747A                    Zener Diode 20V 1W

D6                   1N4148                       1N4148                       Signal Diode

D7                   Lite On 2R3D7            Lite On 2R3D7            light Emitting Diode

LDR1              10Meg                         10Meg                         Photoresistor

Q1                   2N3906                       2N3906                       PNP BJT

Q2                   2N3906                       2N3906                       PNP BJT

Q3                   2N3904                       2N3904                       NPN BJT

R1                   1MEG                         1MEG                         Resistor 1/4W

R2                   2.2 Ohms                     2.2 Ohms                     Resistor 1W

R3                   10k                              10k Potentiometer       ALPS RK09K1130A8G

R4                   150K                           150K                           Resistor 1/4W

R5                   1Meg                           1Meg                           Resistor 1/4W

R6                   470k                            470k                            Resistor 1/4W

R7                   100K                           100K                           Resistor 1/4W

R8                   100                              100  Ohms                   Resistor 1/4W

S1                    SLIDE SWITCH         EG 1206A                  E-SWITCH

March 29 2015

I upload some photos of the finish unit using as enclosure one discarded cell phone power supply.

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