Nymea is the "openHAB" for professional use. It is a reliable fundament for interoperable products with built-in privacy. Connected products are mostly depending on a cloud – and users don't know where their data travels around. Nymea however allows the user (and the manufacturer) to manage every connection in the edge.

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Nymea is the "Home Assistant for commercial products”. The lean and reliable middleware allows the instant creation of interoperable products with built-in privacy. Today, connected products are mostly depending on a cloud - nymea however allows the user and the manufacturer to manage every connection in the edge.

The nymea ecosystem offers 3 modules:
✓ nymea:core (a lean edge middleware, interacting with any device or service)
✓ nymea:app (reference UI to manage interoperability)
✓ nymea:cloud (enables services like remote control or notifications).

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Home Assistant or similar Open Source stacks are not suited for professional use, because of low maintainability and license restrictions.
Nymea however has been designed for professional usage from the very beginning: It is available under both an Open Source and commercial license and can therefore be used for any IoT product.

Furthermore, nymea's footprint is incomparably small - so it can be installed onto any kind of Linux based firmware stack.

The community version of nymea is free and is typically used on a Raspberry Pi.
When used commercially, it is typically integrated into an IoT product's firmware, which instantly enables compatibility to hundreds of platforms and ecosystems. This saves thousands of integration hours for many companies.


Nymea builds a bridge between the trust and transparency of an Open Source product with the requirements of a professional software stack. This results in a

✓ free to use pro-level smart home platform for the Open Source community,

✓ trust for companies who use the stack as underlying platform for IoT products, since its functionality is open and transparent

✓ and it allows very easy co-development between companies, software agencies and freelancers, because the code and documentation is available at any time.

The market need for nymea is obvious:

Besides that, the nymea approach has another essential advantage: Users of smart devices want to be in control of personal data. Nymea creates a layer of trust, because neither the end user, nor the manufacturer are locked into any ecosystem. Similar to managing Apps on your Smartphone, nymea allows to connect or disconnect to an ecosystem at any time. The end user is free to decide what ecosystem his product should be linked with. Same flexibility applies to the manufacturer of the product: if he decides to move away from a cloud vendor, there is no technical limitation to do so.




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Nymea is already used on 50.000 devices. It creates value for brands, ODM’s and SI’s like Sennheiser, 3nod, StreamUnlimited (Google), Marantec CG and more.

The most important drivers for our product are value-added resellers like chip vendors (we are talking to NXP, Qualcomm, Mediatek and more), IoT platforms (we are talking to Google, Amazon, and other IoT platforms) and software development agencies (we are working with 3nod and other giants). These software development agencies and integrators have a huge leveraging effect because once they use the stack, there is an extreme growth rate in products and end customers that indirectly make use of nymea.

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Existing Sponsors & Partners

Marantec Company Group (invested in 2016)

  • 90M€ revenue group for access control systems and parking management.
  • Made use of the nymea stack to deploy a new product line: www.smartwithmaveo.com
  • Big ongoing development projects.


StreamUnlimited engineering (invested in 2019)

  • 41% owned by Google
  • Main integrator for Google Assistant, Alexa, Spotify, Tidal, Apple Airplay, Google Chromecast, and many other audio streaming functions.
  • Has an abundance of business relations to global brands with very dense customer retention in the entertainment electronics industry.
  • They give us access to global decision makers that would take at least a decade to build up on ourselves.
  • They give us trust and credibility, that would take us two decades to build up on ourselves.

Did you get funding?

Yes, Governmental & Organisations

Investment needed?

Yes, in the near future


  • Innovation2Company Sieger der Eaton Challenge 
  • First investment round 
  • Born global champion 
  • Second investment round 



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