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Ulrich Dreher

OLDA (for OnLine Data Analyzer)

Status: Proposal
August 10, 2018
While there are many ideas for "products to change the world", an important aspect is widely ignored: real-time debugging.
While "normal debugging" has become cheap and widely available, many developments would profit from real-time debugging capabilities: assessing the "inner workings" of the software to be developed in real-time without halting the microcontroller. Where necessary, this does also enable the developer to correlate the "inner workings" of the software with real-world (measurable) events.
Some things easily measured:
* interrupt latencies
* execution timing
* task scheduling
* ...
Whatever a developer might imagine.

There are little preconditions: OLDA requires a single UART (only the TX line, to be precise) and up to 5 mA from the target. Baud rate (DC - 15 MBd) and supply voltage (3.0 - 5.5 V) hardly matter.
The OLDA itself acts as a serial-attached DAC - making 2 signals available as analog voltages. At virtually any baud rate, with extremely low latency (around 20 bit transfer times max.)

While the basic unit is already available as a prototype (platform decided upon) and has already proven its versatility), the UI might profit from an additional "co-processor" to handle "all things" related to the (G)UI. This is where the Renesas kit might come handy with display and touch screen capabilities - allowing for a case where the only protrusions might be input and output connectors and an on-off switch.
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