An Oscilloscope RETRO based en old surveillance monitor, Arduino NANO and Gravity PH Meter V1.0

I used a video monitor with RCA input to show in real time, a graph with the measurements of a PH sensor connected to an Arduino NANO board.

Thanks to the Tvout library we can generate a composite video signal in a microcontroller Atmega. Currently the output is NTSC or PAL at a resolution of 128x96 by default. The library currently works on Atmega168,328,1280,2560,644p,1284p,32U4,AT90USB1286 and more can be added by editing spec/hardware_setup.h.

The analog PH sensor I used is specifically designed for Arduino. It needs a 5v power supply. It was calibrated in 2 standard points --> 4,01 and 6,86.

You can see a video of my project in the following link