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PLµX: Programmable Logic Microcontroller on Linux [130494-I]

Status: Proposal
April 8, 2013
The PLµX Project is an effort to produce a Embedded Linux-based Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). PLCs were developed in the 1960s to replace the complex electrical relay circuits widely used for machine control in industrial automation. Users program PLCs to define a series of actions that a machine will perform. The PLC works by reading input signals from devices such as sensors or switches and, depending on the value(s), turning outputs on or off.

With GNUBLIN (embedded GNU / Linux board) and the aid of eight PCA9555 Port-Expanders the states of 64 inputs can be monitored and 64 outputs can be driven.

The PLµX Ladder Diagram Editor is designed to allow you to easily prepare a PLC program by simply placing blocks.

Ladder diagrams, which are in many ways similar to relay logic diagrams, are frequently used to graphically generate programs.

When the instructions in the program are executed, the states of the inputs are monitored, depending on these states, various outputs are set either High or Low.
Video (2015-01-03):
Raspberry Pi simple PLC, 8 outputs (24 Volt) controlled by 1 analog input.
Update: June, 03, 2014
Raspberry Pi Simple PLC: Analog inputs implemented.
Update: Mar, 12, 2014
RPIsPLC Raspberry Pi simple PLC.
Installation of PLµX software and I2C.
How to connect the hardware to the raspberry board.
Creating a first Ladder Diagram.
RPIsPLC first run.
Update: February, 23, 2014
How to create a simple Raspberry Pi (model b) PLC?
A first attempt to implement the PlµX project into a Raspberry Pi single-board computer (under construction).

Update: january, 20, 2014
For coupling the board to various types of devices, relays and sensors an expansion board is needed.
24V interface board with 8 isolated inputs and outputs created for the Gnublin board. More information:

Update: November, 20, 2013
With four extra GNUBLIN ADC modules 32 analog inputs can be monitored.

Update: July, 27, 2013
Alarm Clock function implemented.

Update: July 1, 2013
Ladder diagram editor new version.
GNUBLIN board new software version.
Test 02: Timers and counters implemented.

Update: 16 juni 2013
Test interface for 24 inputs and outputs.
First test example: press one button (input) and 16 leds (16 outputs) light on.


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Gnublin board with PCA9555 Port-Expander
Maximal 8 Port_Expanders = 64 inputs / 64 outputs
Ladder Diagram Editor create, test, upload,...
Main view with, 24V interface 8 inputs and 8 outputs, 8 analog inputs, 16 test I/O

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