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Powerful LED torchiere with remote control / LED Deckenfluter mit Fernbedienung

Status: Proposal
February 24, 2013

A Renesas R32C/111 microcontroller in combination with highly efficient current sources is used to control high-power LEDs to form an extremely bright torchiere (a torchiere is a light source directed against the ceiling to provide indirect illumination). The system can be remote controlled: while sitting on your couch you can switch the light on or off, adjust the brightness or disable / enable LEDs separately. The torchiere was designed for high efficiency and low stand-by power consumption. Maximum output power is 4x23W=92W.

By using red, green and blue power LEDs and modifying the software, arbitrary colors can be generated. Or one could use three white and one red LED. Dimming the red LED separately from the white ones allows adjustment of color temperature.

More details will be added if there appears to be interest in the project or if elektor decides to publish it.

Please tell me what you think!

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The electronics are placed in this enclosure, front view.
Back view.
Power LEDs (warmwhite & coldwhite) mounted on huge heat sink.
Power electronics on separate pcb.
Inside view.
Impression of torchiere operating at ~45W. For better illumination of the room the LEDs must be closer to the ceiling, of course

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