Our company engaged in designing and producing unique, limited-edition electric motorcycles. There will only be available a limited number of every single design which leaves our drawing board (3-300/ design).

Company Description: 

Besides its unique design, it is special for its frame, which is made from the aluminum board by laser cutting. It’s an advantage that we only have to screw the pieces of the frame together so welding becomes almost unnecessary. Another interesting fact is that we are willing to try out new materials and technologies, such as concrete or 3D-printed fixtures. We are also prepared for unique custom orders and we accept every challenge with pleasure.

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Year Founded electronica 2020 - SKART



Company Phase

Testing & Prototype Phase

Please specify in what phase you are!

We start to design our first on-market motorcycle (SKART Origins), meanwhile we actively looking for investment. We want to sell 15 early bird motorcycle (SKART Origins).

Number of employees


Existing Sponsors & Partners

  • Rati Kft. 
  • Lemeztechnika Kft. 
  • FreeDee
  • Motobox
  • Climate-KIC
  • MVM Edison

Did you get funding?

NoSKART - electronica 2020

Investment needed?

Yes, actually looking


  • Startup Idea & Brainstorming. April 2016
  • Prototype Designed November 2016
  • Secured $5500 financial support from several Hungarian Companies. From February 2017
  • Prototype Done September 23th, 2017
  • TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin invited us to show our business idea. December 4-5, 2017
  • We got into the Climate-KIC program. February 2018
  • Won MVM Edison competition. with $3600 financial support February 23th, 2018 -SKART CafeBreak End of 2019



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