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  • Labs project smart home thermostat

Status: Proposal
June 19, 2013
Submitted by: Maarten Roest (

This project includes both hardware- and software design for a new innovative Home Thermostat. It is based on NXP ARM-M series microcontroller and offers a large 4.3 inch TFT touch screen. All software and interfaces are open allowing other users to add custom hardware, such as sensors and actuators for home automation (including CAN and RS485 on the add-on board) Also, a network connection is provided (WIFI optional) to allow mobile apps to communicate with the home thermostat to set and read values and/or control the home automation system. The basis of the system is a thermostat, but the system could very well be used as a development platform for using NXP microcontroller or home automation, solar boiler controller, solar PV panel monitor or any combination by adding your own specific electronics to the add-on board.
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