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Smart Phone Voltmeter

Status: Proposal
November 3, 2013
prototype voltmeter small.jpg
A very small box with dialog to iPhone or Android with Bluetooth
- CR2032 battery
- A BL600, Laird Bluetooth Low Power 4.0 module
- a 16bits ADC. no change to 1V or 10V caliber automatic ADG801 Analog Devices
- a reference power for ADC (MCP3426 Microchip)
- hight impedance with TLV271 texas Instruments
On the phone, it will be possible to see either a value or a graphic, but I have yet to determine the bandwidth
15th december 2013
some errors (myself and BL600 firmware)
BUT the I2C ADC doesn't work, low level ACK, 2 solutions : new BL600 firmware or new ADC component
3rd january 2014
new PCB is available
16th january 2014
PCB ok (2 changes to do)
BL600 program work well
iPhone program work well
21th Fevruary 2014
New PCB (version 3)
9th March 2014
All components are validate
The BL600 work well
The iOS application work very well
15th June 2014
- Why the power consumption is 30µA when it should be 5μA ?
- Make a calibration procedure with a reference voltage (only a component) Full verifying the proper operation of the voltmeter can not be completed after the completion of the reference voltage generator.
- Deploy the application on the Apple Store?
- Make the application on Android.
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