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traffic educational children car circuit

Status: Proposal
January 17, 2016
i want to create electronics to detect movement, collision, speed and traffic rule faults when children are using a 'bobbycar' in an traffic park playground. the idea is to try to make the electronics in the car relative simple and store the faults during their session. after the session, some kind of tag (i was thinking of a rfid tag with memory) is put into a wall mounted machine (computer), who will print out the faults made during the ride and possibly a 'drivers licence' if the child has done well. the circuit will contain traffic lights for cars and pedestrians, railway crossings, police station, fire department, hospital, gas station etc, like a virtual world. the cars should have a small display for to pass instructions, (like for example "go to petrol station because gas level is low" or go to garage after a collision" etc) the bobby cars have no electric motor and are moved by feets on the ground of the children or movement of the steering wheel tho the left and right. detection of passing a red traffic light could be done trough the traffic light, when red, emitting an IR beam, detected by the car passing the road. speed of the cars can be done by using a rotary counter in the wheels of the car. collision can be detected by using a shock sensor and so on. i just need an electronic engineer who can combine these features in a low current consuming printed circuit. i have attached a picture of an educational car circuit in a playground (this version with no interactivity electronics) in order to give and idea about the future project. all ideas and inputs are welcome. for the sensors and electronics, i was thinking about using the raspberry Pi zero for cost effectiveness, bus as said, all other ideas are welcome. later the project could be expanded with sensors like 'crossing the white continuous line', and other traffic behavior mistakes. the idea is to have a display over the circuit, the display the best driver of the day, in order to invite children to be the best. thanks for all input.
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