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Ultimate Alarm Clock (RGB Led sunrise, etc...)

Status: Proposal
December 19, 2013

Created a alarm clock based on the Raspberry pi. Added a mainboard with RTC, FM Receiver and extra relay outputs. This mainboard connects (via buffered I2C bus) to a Display board. This board contains the LCD display, audio amplifier. A PWM Led driver is also connected to this bus, driving a high power RGB Led that simulates a sunrise. There can be multiple displayboards (typ 2) and multiple LED drivers (typ 2) connected to the same board.

Multiple alarms can be created, each alarm can be enabled/disabled. A alarm can be daily, or specific days of the week. Important feature: each alarm has a alarm volume -> No more silent alarms ;-)

Prototype is working, software is working (Linux daemon, written in C++)

For details:

Source code, diagrams, pcb layout:

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