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USB Barostick (120481)

Status: Finished
September 24, 2012
120481 barostick.jpg

These days USB sticks are available for all kinds of applications, ranging from the storage of data to the measurement of temperature. USB sticks to measure barometric pressure are still quite rare however. The USB barometric pressure sensor described here uses a Bosch sensor to measure the air pressure and temperature, after which this data can be displayed graphically and stored using Windows software.


Published in issue 437, May 2013

Order from Elektor
PCB, bare, 120481-1
PIC18F14K50-i/so, programmed, 120481-41
Module, assembled and tested, 120481-91


Lab notes:

Author's prototype is working, but his PCB was designed in Sprint Layout and he advises to make a new design because the PCB doesn't really fit into the USB-stick case. Started collecting data, footprints and suppliers for the components of this project.

The pressure sensor from Bosch is not available from Farnell or RS, but Digikey has it in stock. Soldering this sensor will be a bit of a challenge to our readers, maybe we should consider to sell this as a ready built module (all SMD except for the tabs of the USB-connector)

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