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Water Vitalizer

Status: Finished
February 20, 2013

Water vitalizer....whats that??
According to alternative medicine theories, water is more healty after it has been vitalized. Before drinking, water should be activated by light and 'freedom of float'. There are machines available on the market to 'activate' water. Like i suspected , i could'nt find any supplier who is willing to take risk about the function and effect of these machine. They all claim that it's function is based on alternative believes and are not based on science..... That got my attention.

Now What?
What if we could build a device and where able to proof it funcions based on science and technologie.... I found a very interesting device , a water vitalizer, that has a very unique design and claimed to vitalize the water by: - radiating it with different colors of light ( leds ) - keeping it alive by constant mixing it with a magnetic flo and spinning motor - The color and frequency of the light can by adjusted,... - the properties of ( and this is bizar) a nearby object can be transfered to the water.....hahah..right...but that's what the users of this device strongly believe.

The Chalange:

  1. Build a device that has a unique design, basicly a very nice water mixer.....
  2. Build electronics to determine a resonance frequency of an object...kind of a dip meter for coils, object whould therefore influence the resonace frequency of a oscillator.
  3. Build electronics that control a light source which will be used to shine on the water...This radiating of water should be done at the determined resonance frequency of the object ( point 2)
  4. Electronics should be able to radiate the water using a patern....for example to simulate the contact with different object , one after the other....

The Result
Okay i agree....still not much to go on regarding the theorie of living has however some nice how to determine an object resonance frequency..object could be cristal...of red peper...of stone....iron...whatever...

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