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YAY - YOUPI - HURRA - Bluetooth 4.0 module very easy

Status: Proposal
August 24, 2013
Bluetooth modules based CC2540 as BLE112 are known but its development requires a specific controller and a complex development. So I invite you to discover a new Bluetooth 4.0 compatible iOS and Android very easy to implement module. The project consists of: a PCB, the program module without microcontroller (10 in / out with 6 analog inputs, RX / TX, I2C and SPI) and a description of the complete source iOS.
This is the BL600 module Laird Technologies:
Despite the need for welding by a reflow oven (why not Elektor to distribute the mounted Module) , it is programmed in BASIC with 3,3v RS232 port ... I changed the program BL600 receive / transmit to light two leds lest than one hour ... YAY - YOUPI - HURRA

I propose to you soon:
- PCB (Eagle files)
- A video editing with reflow oven with tricks.
- Explanation of the BASIC program
- Source iOS (thank Laird Technologies)
- The Android source (I'm looking for help)

example BASIC program about led on/off :
cmp0$ = "0"
cmp1$ = "1"
tempo$ = LEFT$(vrx$,1)
// led 0 on
X = STRCMP(tempo$,cmp1$)
IF X == 0 then
// led 0 off
X = STRCMP(tempo$,cmp0$)
IF X == 0 then

What you want to operate with this kind of modules? lights, home automation ....

PS: in early 2014, a solution of dialogue between two modules BL600 should be described.
August 25th
- First iOS Aplication (photo)
- Waiting PCB

August 31th
- Changing the text
- Photo of functional platinum
Je propose d'envoyer gratuitement un prototype afin de découvrir ce BL600 et de m'en faire un retour, en France seulement. La personne doit :
- Connaître le Bluetooth, déjà une expérience type RN41....
- Faire du développement Android ou iOS pour tester ce module
- Me faire un retour dans un délai raisonnable.
contact : jennifer(at)
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Eagle Picture
First IOS application

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