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ddk 10 hours ago
3 Units have been assembled using  different ESP32 development baords ( ESP32 PICO core board , ESP32 Thing and a DOIT ESP32 ) initial source may be found at my Github account. ( ) many of the animations have been adapted from the FastLed community. There are some unused functions to include an EEPROM so that device behavious is persistent acrosss reboots/shutdowns, and a Button handler so teh user can select an animation they like which can also be synchronised to other units. The device can be powered by a "USB power bank" and has lasted  - 3 nights at a festival with a 2000 mAh supply ( depending on the LED brightness setting )
CARel 1 day ago
Hello I'm CARel winner!
Dave251 1 day ago
Added zipped .bin file
NXP Cup car source code
TonGiesberts 1 day ago
There haven't been any circuit or PCB changes.
Preamplifier 2012 (1) - introduction and line-in/tone/volume board (110650)
EcoKees 1 day ago
About version control: GIT is the answer to my version-problems. And, it was already at my computer. I read a few tutorials and I am very enthusiastic about GIT and GITHUB. It is very usable software, both for Windos or Linux. Also, you don't need Eclipse for GIT version control.  GIT is in no way interfering with your software. It is there in the background. Whenever you made some changes/updates to your program GIT keeps track of all changes. After that you can sort of save the current version of your software. All the changes you applied are visible later, you can revert to an earlier version of your program and start another branch from that point.  It is possible to recreate an arbitrary version of you sourcecode, but I don't know yet how... I only started yesterday-night with GIT! Try it out, read the tutorials and have a long night with this marvellous version control system!
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