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Heinz2 2 hours ago
Danke für die Info Sorry, für das Mißverständniss  Ich möcht  18=SDA und 19=SCL benutzen. Gruß Heinz
180348 DIY soldering station
ElektorLabs 4 hours ago
Dear Russin Sir Bullar , we are sorry to hear that the OLED is not working at all. For replacement please contact customerservice ( ) . For the software related questions: the Atmega comes with a preprogrammed Arduino bootloader. If you load the sketch you can compile amd upload it using the arduni IDE, as the board behaves like a Arduino Leonardo. Also you should have the Firmware 1.2 already preprogrammed to the chip and be able to use a termial ( like putty , hterm, cutecom ,.... ) to access the serial command line interface ( Parameter: 11500 Baud, 8 Databits, no parity , 1 Stopbit ). Best regards ElektorLabs  
180348 DIY soldering station
HaSch 14 hours ago
Hi Laurent, a first test said it's ok, it seems to work. I will do more tests if I have more time. Thank you very much Hans
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HaSch 15 hours ago
@Heinz2 Wie denn? Du musst die Frage von ElektorLabs schon korrekt beantworten, wenn du willst, dass man dir hilft! 18=SDA und 19=SCL?
180348 DIY soldering station
gfaman 18 hours ago
Hi Hans, again, sorry for the delay. I looked the code and yes, there is a problem.  In case of 3 detectors, I forgot the line to send the distance to the vibrators. Please find the code corrected, and the .HEX compiled with the 3 detectors and the correction. These files are only for 3 US sensors !  Let me know if it is ok now, Laurent
Back ultrasound radar for bike: