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BASIC cassette interface - interface and software on one Eurocard

BASIC cassette interface - interface and software on one Eurocard
5-24 — elektor may 1980 cassette interface for BASIC microcomputer II interface and software on one Eurocard No cassette interface is included in the BASIC microcomputer described in Elektor, May 1979; furthermore, NIBL doesn"t include su itable cassette routines. The obvious solution is to combine these two missing links on a single p.c. board: a handful of ICs for the interface hardware, and % K worth of software in EPROM. With these extensions, programs for the BASIC microcomputer can be stored on and retrieved from tape. The combination of cassette interface plus the necessary software on a single p.c. board offers several interesting possibilities: • Users of a (normai) SC/MP system can use this p.c. board to keep certain special programs close at hand. • Users of the BASIC microcomputer can use this board (without the components for the interface) for permanent storing of BASIC programs — control routines, say. • Even without the NIBL ROM, the BASIC computer board ...
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