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precision voltage divider - for home construction

precision voltage divider - for home construction
Even today, looking for simple electronic components can give you quite a headache. Take, for example, a simple voltage divider for a voltmeter: when you try to buy the necessary high-stab resistors, the likelihood is that you"re told in shop after shop: "Sorry, we don"t stock those". precision voltage divider ... elektor september 1983 precision voltage divider... . for home construction In the construction of measuring equipment, you normally require a number of precision components. Particularly voltage and current dividers need resistors of 1% tolerance. The simple four-way voltage divider shown in figure 1 has a total resistance of 1 ME2 and requires four resistors: 900 kE-2, 90 Ica 9 kE2 and 1 kE2. And that"s where your troubles are likely to start. If you"re not lucky enough to find a complete divider somewhere, forget about buying the indivi- dual resistors. It"s extremely unlikely that you"ll find the above four values in the high-stab range in one shop. Parallel connecti...
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