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MIDI expander from Böhm

MIDI expander from Böhm
ea 9.6 MIDI EXPANDER FROM BOHM An expander is basically a music synthesizer de- signed to be controlled via its MIDI (musical instru- ment digital interface) in- put. This type of synthesizer is now gradually becom- ing available in several versions and price ranges. The advantages and tech- nical characteristics of the MIDI standard have been discussed at some length in the November 1985 issue of Elektor Electronics. The fact that the BOhrn ex- pander comes as a kit makes it of special interest to the reader who has a passion for both music and applied electronics. After having read this review, therefore, he may judge for himself whether or not this novel synthesizer may be considered capable of rivalry with similar ready-made units of comparable cost. 12 or 24 polyphonic notes The basic version of the B6hm MIDI expander is a digital, fully program- mable 12-note polyphonic synthesizer with 98 preset sounds stored in ROM (read only memory), while another 98 may be kept in a non-...
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