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Printer buffer (1)

Printer buffer (1)
PRINTER BUFFER 1 EE April 1986 by J M Smeets Whatever speeds their manufacturers claim for them, modern printers still need a lot of precious time to complete lengthy listings This article presents an intelligent inter-peripheral buffer device with a large memory to be loaded at one swoop by the computer While the printer buffer patiently feeds the printer, the computer is free for the next programming session. Generally speaking, any peripheral is slow compared with the control- ing computer system. Printers, plot- ters, modems, etc. require computer handshaking arrangements to allow for the time they need to complete their tasks; the computer must in- evitably wait until the peripheral device is ready to receive a new character, and this is obviously a waste of (software) time. Indeed, many programmers are forced to go and have a cup of tea while their ever so fast computer feeds the printer for a quarter of an hour or so. A possible solution to this incon- venience would be to ...
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