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Signal Divider For Satellite Tv Receivers

Signal Divider For Satellite Tv Receivers
EE 88 SIGNAL DIVIDER FOR SATELLITE TV RECEIVERS by R. van Terborgh Our first application of a monolithic microwave integrated ampli- fier (MMIC) from Avantek is a wideband amplifier and splitter that makes it possible to connect two satellite TV receivers to a single outdoor unit. In other words: this is your chance to share the cost of a dish plus LNB with your next-door neighbour! As stated in the introductory article on MMICs (reference (1)), these new devices are eminently suited to building high performance wideband amplifiers with only a handful of components. In the present application, a single MMIC is used for amplifying the IF output signal of a commercially available low noise block down converter (LNB or LNC). The standardized IF bandwidth of LNBs is 950-1750 MHz, but it should be noted that these are not absolute band edges. Most LNBs have a relatively high conversion gain (55 dB typ.), but this is often found to decrease with frequency. Similarly, the attenuation of ...
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