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Power Booster For 7406/7407

Power Booster For 7406/7407
005 POWER BOOSTER FOR 7406/7407 It often happens that a digital signal is required for controlling a relay, a stepper motor, or other kind 1 of relatively heavy load. This makes it necessary for both the output cur- rent and the output voltage of the relevant device to be increased. Some logic devices are provided with constant-voltage open-collec- tor outputs, but these are invariably restricted to 15 V or 30 V. With a little dexterity, it is possi- ble to provide a 7406 or 7407 with a dedicated open-collector output - see Fig. 1. If you aim for the con- struction in Fig. 2, the result will take not much more space than a standard 7406. Since the output stage inverts, it is necessary to use the non-inverting 7407 to obtain an inverted output. The transistor must be chosen in accordance with the wanted output. For most general purposes, the BC546 is perfectly satisfactory (200 mA at 65 V). N1 = 1/61C1 = 1/6 7406/7407 (A. Schaffert) 890034-11 GENERAL INTEREST
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