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Reset Protection

Reset Protection
024 COMPUTERS Most advanced computer programs include preventative measures against (possibly) hasty instructions. Responses such as "are you sure?" and "do you real- ly want to quit?" are familiar to most of us. However, even the cleverest program can not prevent the inadvertent operation of the reset switch and the consequent result of lost data and improperly closed files that cause waisted clusters on the hard disk. The location of the reset switch on the front panel of many computers asks, of course, for inadvertent operation. Clearly, some means of reset protection is no lux- ury. Re 5V O I e Normally, the reset switch is connect- ed to the mother board of the computer via two wires. One of these is at earth potential and the other is linked to the reset circuit. The protection, whose circuit is shown in the diagram, is inserted between the reset switch and the mother board. The earth connection of the com- puter must be linked to terminal M of the protection circuit. The pr...
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