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Centronics-Compatible Printer Buffer

Centronics-Compatible Printer Buffer
mach191 CENTRONICS-COMPATIBLE PRINTER BUFFER from an idea by R. Degen Today"s computers and the programs that run on them are capable of generating massive amounts of data that is, in some way, to be put on paper. Users of computer-assisted design and engineering (CAD/CAE) and desk-top publishing (DTP) programs need not be told that the printer or plotter is almost invariably a slowing-down factor in the system. At printing time, therefore, the user is often forced to sit with his arms crossed, or go out to have a cup of tea, because the computer has insufficient memory left to store the whole of the printable file. Intermediate storage of data on disk and so-called spooler programs only partly resolve this annoying problem. The versatile printer buffer described here is a state-of-the-art design that eliminates printer wait times. Just look at the main specifications below to convince yourself that this is your next home-made computer peripheral. Printer wait times arise when the...
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