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High-speed battery recharger DS1633

Based on a Labs project | October 2011 | Find it here
High-speed battery recharger DS1633
The DS 1633 battery recharger is designed to be a complete battery charging system for standard charging or trickle-charging. It can be configured for use with 5 V or 6 V supplies and battery voltages up to 4.7 V (3.7 V for 5 V supplies). The device is flexible enough to be used with a variety of battery chemistries (Lithium, NiCd, lead-acid) and cell capacities. It provides timer termination of standard charging and automatically shifts into trickle-charging. Battery voltage may be monitored and charging terminated if it exceeds apreset maximum as a safety feature. The output load line may be specified as the usual constant-current recharge with a voltage limit or it may be configured to approximate any practical load line.
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