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CAD in Europe (1)

a review of schematic drawing and PCB layout programs

CAD in Europe (1)
If there’s any field where developments come at a lightning pace, it’s without doubt the realm of computer programs, especially those for the PC. The number of programs that are intended to make life easier for the electronic hobbyist just keeps on growing. We thought it would be a good idea to review several European programs for generating schematic drawings and PCB layouts.First, a preliminary remark: in our opinion, the subject of simulation warrants an article of its own, which will perhaps appear within a few months. This is why we limit our attention in this article to programs for generating schematic diagrams and PCB layouts.Our adventure started with sending e-mail messages to all of the publishers of these types of programs that we were aware of and that we considered including in our review. We expected to be able to relax for a few days after that, but positive responses came streaming in from the next day onwards.
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