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The truth about Batteries

are Li-Ion batteries really that bad?

The truth about Batteries
Today’s society is marked by an increasing amount of ‘wireless’ equipment. This trend extends to communications as well as to power supplies for portable equipment. The best known examples are the laptop computer and the GSM telephone. Thanks to powerful batteries, such equipment is capable of working for long periods without mains power. But what about the quality of the various kinds of batteries, and how long will they last?More and more equipment relies on batteries (rechargeable or not) for the power supply. In and around the home, non-rechargeable batteries are used for the central heating thermostat, torchlight, radio and personal stereo. Rechargeable batteries are typically applied in equipment with higher current consumption, such as digital cameras and portable computers. The GSM phone, too, can’t do without a powerful battery because it needs to be on all day so has to be recharged from time to time.
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