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DSPs at 1 GHz

Top performance from 90-nm technology

The 90-nm process technology employed by Texas Instruments gives a spectacular boost to DSP performance. For the first time, DSPs pass the 1-GHz barrier.DSPs (digital signal processors) type TMS320C6414/ 15/16 sample at 1 GHz, providing stunning throughput levels. They provide the user with 8 GigaMACs for 8-bit data width for video applications, or 4 GigaMACs for 16-bit data commonly used in speech and audio processing. This sort of throughput not only improves the bandwidth and channel capacity of existing real-time applications like base stations for mobile phones and radios, IP-based video, fast wideband networks, medical diagnosis equipment and radar, but also opens the way to new applications ranging from adaptive antenna arrays and intelligent vehicles right up to artificial vision.
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